Studio to Stage Preteen

Studio to Stage Preteen is a full year program that takes students through the entire process of creating a virtual musical that will be recorded and virtual play that will be performed live via Zoom/Facebook Live.  Over the course of the year, students will work together over Zoom to bring their productions to life!  In addition to learning their music, choreography, lines and developing their character for the production, students will take part in workshops and lessons that focus on developing their acting skills and vocal technique.

After learning their parts online for the musical, students will be brought into the studio to record their parts in front of a green screen. Each session will end with an edited virtual production of their musical that students can share with family and friends.  Here is an example of the virtual musical production created by our Studio to Stage Sr Camp this summer:

Tuition (September – May) – $675+HST + $50 (Tickets)*

*We rely on ticket revenue from our productions to help cover the cost of Studio to Stage. In 2019/2020 we were unable to perform our musicals in-person, which resulted in significant loss in ticket revenue. Due to this, we will be including the cost of 5 tickets ($10 each) to our final production in the cost of registration for our 2020/2021 season. If we are able to perform our productions in-person, each student will receive 5 tickets. If we are not able to perform in-person, the cost of the tickets will go towards producing and streaming our virtual productions (as the royalties and production rights do not change if we are unable to perform live).

Attendance Policy
Theatre is a team effort!  Every performer plays an important role in telling the story, making attendance extremely important.  Studio to Stage is a year long commitment.  Students are expected to be at ALL rehearsals for their class.

Each performer is permitted a maximum of 3 missed rehearsals over the course of the year.  If your child will be missing a rehearsal it is extremely important that you contact the studio prior to the beginning of class so that we can plan appropriately (the more notice, the better, we plan far in advance).  Failure to communicate absences prior to the beginning of class may result in your child being removed from the scene being worked on that day.  More than 3 absences in a year may result in your performer being removed from scenes or his/her role being reassigned.  These decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis and are largely driven by the level of disruption to the rest of the cast.  Opportunities to make up missed rehearsal with one of the instructors may be an option and will be at the parent’s expense.

Refund Policy
Due to the huge amount of planning required for our Studio to Stage productions no refunds will be given for cancelled registrations, unless we are able to fill your child’s spot in the production.  All refunds will be issued as credits, which can be used towards any program at Arts Abound for up to 1 year after it is issued.  Due to the large number of upfront costs associated with producing a musical, there are no cash refunds.

Enrollment for this class is now closed.

Class Dates/Times
  • Wednesday 7:00-9:00pm
Agr Group: Gr. 7-10

Class Type

Theatre, Acting, Dance, Vocal


Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9+






Fall, Winter