Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Arts Abound offer classes for children living with special needs?

    Absolutely! We feel that the arts are a wonderful opportunity for children of all abilities to express themselves. We have some programs designed specially for exceptional children. For all of our programming, we strive to have an inclusive environment and would love to work with you and your exceptional child to find a program where they can shine!

  • Why is the Fall 2020 semester being offered online?

    We know that there are many studios re-opening for in person classes. Each studio needs to do what feels right for them and their community. Here are the main factors that went into our decision:

    1) Supporting students and teachers going back to school
    The province has made it clear that getting kids back to school full time is their priority, so any decision we made needed to support this goal. With Arts Abound students coming from dozens of different schools (and dozens of classrooms within those schools), we would be bringing together many different cohorts in any Arts Abound class. After looking at multiple screening, sanitizing and distancing practices, we didn’t feel that any of these measures could offset the risk of bringing together all of these cohorts.

    2) Providing consistency for our students
    With things changing all around them, children need stability right now. After speaking to mental health professionals, we decided that the benefit of having a consistent, predictable method of class participation - that will not be impacted by outbreaks or spikes in the community - outweighed the disappointment of not being able to be in-person. This decision also allows us to select class content that lends itself to being done virtual vs having to take a hybrid approach where we are switching between in-person and online classes. We feel that we can offer a higher quality and more consistent program sticking with just one method of delivery.

    3) Allows for safe and inclusive opportunities to participate
    Due to medical considerations, we know that in-person classes are not possible for all families. We do not want these families to feel excluded from programs. Offering programs virtually allows us to continue creating together in a safe way, that allows ALL of our students to participate.

  • How will this be different from Spring 2020?

    In March 2020 when things shut down, educators across the country began offering crisis education. Almost overnight, all teaching was moved online using whatever materials families had at home. For Arts Abound, we opted to finish the semester with pre-recorded class material for most of our classes. Given the changing needs of our families, we felt this was the best way to offer flexibility in finishing the semester.

    For Fall 2020, each class will have a set time where they meet on Zoom each week. Prior to classes starting, students will pick up a package of materials needed to participate in the class. Students will engage with each other and their instructor online while completing activities that have been designed and adapted for an online environment.

  • What is a virtual musical?

    For our 2020/2021 Studio to Stage season, we will be producing virtual musicals. Students will learn their part in the musical during our weekly Zoom class times. Throughout the year, we will be arranging recording days for students to come into Arts Abound to record their part in the musical in front of a green screen (and behind a plexiglass barrier). These video clips will then be edited together into a virtual musical that can be shared with family and friends. Check out our virtual productions created by our Studio to Stage Campers this summer:
    The Little Red Hen performed by our Studio to Stage Jr campers:
    Super Happy Awesome News! performed by our Studio to Stage Sr campers: